the YOUNG family


I have been researching my family tree for over twenty years.  At one time I used to go to the family records office and scroll through micro fiche looking at images of entries in the birth, death and marriage registers.  These days, I go on line and search through various search engines.

Where I have had a particular interest in a person, I have bought their birth, marriage or death certificate for my personal satisfaction.  The certificates you can see on this website are not copies.  They are my own templates which I drew up to provide a theme for the website but the contents are genuine.

I have tried to keep the pages to the main players and provided links through them to their family trees.  Where you see a blue star there is a hyperlink.  Just click on the star and see where it takes you.

This tree is the second one I have made and I have done a lot of research on the Trewicks since I published the first tree.  In order to publish this tree, I have removed the first tree from the internet and will be adding all the other information that the first tree had ... but it all takes time! 

It is far easier to trace dead people than living people and if you are looking at this website and believe you are related, please contact me.  I would like to hear from you.

Welcome to the Young family website.

I have added my research for my father’s family tree.  Look at The Smith family.
I have been able to fix the ‘floating text’ problem!